Patient education is a cornerstone of disease management. Improving the delivery of patient-centered health information is important for many health conditions due to the complexity of the self-care regimen. Patients and caregivers must learn about new and unfamiliar self-care strategies, lifestyle changes, and medications. This complexity puts patients with low literacy at considerable risk for adverse outcomes.
·        Each CancerHelp Learning Program targets a specific learning need, depending on health condition or treatment. One such example is Diabetes (see the DiabetesHelp website at http://www.diabeteshelpinstitute.com 
Why or How developed
·        Learning Programs were adapted to better meet the needs of people with diverse language, literacy and computer skills, e.g., full spoken audio, easy-to-understand materials, effective use of visuals to illustrate key points.
·        Collaboration with academic researchers:
o   A multimedia IT system to enhance patient-centered cancer care (AHRQ #R18-HS017300; PI: Hahn) More about this grant
o   A multimedia IT system for diabetes health information (AHRQ #R18-HS019335; PI: Hahn) More about this grant