The Talking Touchscreen (TT)/ la Pantalla Parlanchina (PP) is a novel approach to collection of self-report information from people with diverse literacy, language and computer skills.
This approach enables self-administration (mode) of questionnaires and surveys using a computer (method) (see figure).
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• The Talking Touchscreen (TT) / la Pantalla Parlanchina (PP) is a multimedia application (text, images, sound).
• One item at a time is presented on the computer touchscreen.
• Sound icons enable “sound on demand” for the text.
• A Demo is available in English and Spanish.

Why was this developed?

• People with limited literacy skills are often excluded from research and clinical initiatives that collect self-report information.
• Interviewer-administration is costly and can result in biased measurement.
• Lists of grant-funded research projects and publications are available