Using the Talking Touchscreen 

  • Use of Assessment Center for Health LiTT will enable administration of Health LiTT on the same touchscreen used for other patient-reported outcomes, thus providing a feasible way to assess patients’ literacy in clinical practice and research.  
  •  Assessment Center is unique in online survey administration tools as it enables the administration of computerized adaptive tests (CATs). It also enables easy access to PROMIS instruments including CATs, short forms, and profiles. It allows secure collection of protected health information as well.   
  Developing a Custom Talking Touchscreen 
  • The Assessment Center team has developed templates that can easily be used for administering a Health Literacy Assessment with the Talking Touchscreen multimedia approach.    
  • Contact Us to work out a collaboration or get a quote.

Technology Requirements

The minimum hardware/operating system/browser/software needs for conducting a study in Assessment Center using Talking Touchscreen Technology:
Operating System
Windows XP or Higher
Windows Vista or Higher
Screen Resolution
Research Assistant 1024 X 768
Participant 800 X 600
1024 X 768 or Higher
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer 7 & 8
Mozilla Firefox 4.0
Internet Explorer 8
Mozilla Firefox 4.0
Mobile Devices
Connection Speed
DSL/Broadband @750
Kbps/down and 128 Kbps/up or higher
Broadband @ 3 Mbps/down and 384Kbps/up or higher

It is recommended that the Health LiTT measure and other instruments that use Talking Touchscreen Technology be administered on a touchscreen computer which enables use of a stylus or manual navigation of the touchscreen program for easy self-administration.
N/A: At this time, Talking Touchscreen Technology and Health LiTT are not available for mobile devices such as smartphones (e.g., iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) or tablets (e.g., iPad, iPad-Mini, Google Nexus).