Research and Findings
Health literacy research has identified many disparities in health outcomes, and more work is needed.  See   
Research studies are being conducted in English and Spanish.  Participants use the Talking Touchscreen (Pantalla Parlanchina)  to complete patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments and Health LiTT .
·        English:
o   People with cancer receiving care at several cancer care centers in the Chicago area (n=129).  More about this grant
§  after adjustment for other covariates in multivariable regression, Health LiTT was moderately associated with better health-related quality of life, higher cancer knowledge and more adaptive health beliefs (manuscript in preparation)
·        English and Spanish:
o   People with type 2 diabetes receiving care at a safety net health care center in Chicago (n=295) More about this grant 
§  multivariable regression (manuscript in preparation):
·        Spanish speakers had lower Health LiTT compared to English
·        Health LiTT was negatively associated with social support for diet, diet and medication barriers, and age
·        Health LiTT was positively associated with BMI, diabetes knowledge, and talking a lot with health care professionals to get diabetes information